Neil Sattin Interviews Kevin Behan

For those familiar with NDT, you probably know Neil Sattin – a dog trainer based in Portland, Maine who specializes in the Natural Dog Training techniques. He came to train with Kevin years ago, with his aggressive dog Nola. What started as a few sessions, turned into an apprenticeship, and Neil has since become a vital part of the NDT community. (And Nola, as Neil describes, has “become a shining beacon of sociability”.) You can read more about Neil and his journey here.

Recently, Neil ‘sat down’ with Kevin for an informal interview. The following is an excerpt from his site about that call:

“I’m really excited to be kicking off a new series here on the Natural Dog Blog – where I’ll be interviewing interesting people, and – hopefully – also giving you opportunities to get on live conference calls to ask these interesting people your interesting questions.  This call is about eighty minutes long, and in it we cover such diverse topics as:

Head to Neil’s site for the link to the audio!

As mentioned in this interview, Neil and Kevin had the chance to sit down again, and this time took questions from listeners. We’ll be sure to post this as soon as it comes available, and be on the lookout for other great interviews from Neil and the Natural Dog Blog!

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Published April 16, 2010 by Kevin Behan
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2 responses to “Neil Sattin Interviews Kevin Behan”

  1. Though I don’t like the dominance approach to training, one thing I like about Cesar Millan’s approach is the understanding of how energy is shared and reflected. Very interesting to hear a different, non-dominance approach that still incorporates the energy aspect of the human-dog relationship. Thanks for sharing!

  2. christine randolph says:

    anyone have any comments on 100 sled dogs being slaughtered at whistler

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