Aesop Had It Wrong

The bird in the bush is worth ten in the jaws. Potential energy is the most powerful motive within the animal mind because it is the hub of the wheel, around which collectivized, cooperative action organizes. Nature then conforms to the power of desire. Nature is not limited.

Brad Higgins has made the video linked below, without voiceover so that the images can speak for themselves. The human is the instrument for the dog’s success, this is the key in working with a dog. It’s not about respect. It’s about trust. The dog letting the human into his desire for the prey. And for the human to gain a dog’s trust, we need only ask one question, what does a dog want? If we want to be a dog’s master, a “want” is the medium we must master.  The password is Puppy

(password case sensitive)



Published March 19, 2013 by Kevin Behan
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