Athletic Machines and Attraction

Russell has introduced us to the power of Control Theory, and in this video one can witness it being put into expression as the complex coordinated behavior of quadcopters.

I would like to add that underneath the algorithms, sensors and computer processing of these remarkable machines is an even more fundamental and even more powerful principle, attraction. This state of attraction is moderated by two systems that run in parallel with each other in order to enable an auto-tuning/feedback dynamic within a principle of conductivity: the balance circuitry relative to the hunger circuitry. A quadcopter given its mechanical design “projects” into either the wand, the gestures of the human, or each other, and then seeks to maintain its equilibrium in terms of whatever it is attracted to, i.e. “hungers” for. Everything it learns is framed in terms of these two systems within the framework of a principle of conductivity. It’s not accurate to say they learn by random trial and error. Natural Dog Training is saying that there is only one process of evolution, and that the domestication of animals and the way animals learn are manifestations of this one central evolutionary process. There aren’t three separate processes as it has been postulated by mainstream behaviorism. And given the laws of natures these designers are evolving their creations in the most efficient way possible, which is also the only way possible, i.e. the same way natural selection works within animal consciousness, according to a state of attraction which unfolds and evolves according to a principle of conductivity.

Published June 19, 2013 by Kevin Behan
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