Converting Instinct to Drive-Part Two

So here we have two whole males, both with very strong nature, and my goal here is to convert incoherent screaming (energy ungrounded in the gut) in the ungrounded male into coherent, metered barking for food (energy grounded in the gut).
We can see that the black and tan GSD has a deep metered bark and is clear about what to bite, and so is wisely choosing not to stick its wet nose into sable GSD’s “hot socket.” It’s temperament is able to discriminate. What I’m happy to see here is that the sable GSD is taking food, and is willing to objectify its prey instinct away from dog and onto hose, and since I make hose alive, then I can serve as part of the feedback loop so that instinct can be converted into Drive through what I do and how I am able to influence the dog. From the dog’s overall body language and its ability to channel its energy in my direction and in a reasonably coherent fashion. I’m ready to expose the dog to a very friendly lab off/lead, and then with Huuney, who while a very strong natured dog with a history of aggression, is now a proven flipper and flopper. Onward!
Published September 5, 2011 by Kevin Behan
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  1. Christine says:

    The sable GSD reminds me, in some ways, of Duncan. When he was younger and we’d play ball in the cellar he would sit and bark, showing his teeth just like this dog. It sent a zing of electricity through me, which I misinterpreted as fear; now I recognize it as a thrill. I missed a great opportunity back then with Duncan because I had no knowledge of NDT. It’s a great relief to me to know that I can go back and redress that missed opportunity and help him grow up to full flower using NDT methods. These videos are a great learning tool, especially since you explain things so nicely in the accompanying article. Thank you so much for making these available!

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