Does Your Dog Love You?


My Facebook feed is almost 100% curated to provide a stream of dog behavior, interesting science and of special import, heavy construction equipment. At any rate this piece on dog behavior just came over the transom and warrants comment.

5 Signs That Your Dog Actually Loves You

Let me put it this way, if one is wondering if their dog loves them, then one might as well be wondering if gravity is going to hold their feet to the ground. The earth loves us, she won’t let go. Even Jeffrey Dahmers’ dog, (if he had one) — or better yet Hitler’s dogs, HAD to love him. Unconditional love is the default setting of the canine mind. If you find yourself wondering, or worse, working at earning your dog’s love, then you’re working too hard. On the other hand what one should be asking is whether or not your dog TRUSTS you. And this is exhibited by whether or not one’s dog is able to give you his Deepest, Darkest, Dankest energy, or, does it give it to someone or something else, otherwise known as a Problem Behavior.

Heart is a Trust Muscle and to earn a dog’s trust you have to exercise this muscle, nothing else matters. Mental stimulation, tons of attention, sleeping on the bed, these don’t exercise the Trust Muscle. Neither for that matter does exercise. To exercise this part of your dog’s body/mind, I suggest the five core exercises: Pushing—Collecting—Barking—Bite/Carry—Rub-a-Dub. These behaviors conduct a dog’s Deepest, Darkest, Dankest energy and bring it to a state of fulfillment. They reset a dog’s mind to the factory’s default setting, Unconditional Love.

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Published April 8, 2017 by Kevin Behan
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8 responses to “Does Your Dog Love You?”

  1. cliff says:

    Last night we came home late. L is usually pretty antsy when there’s a “Break in the Routine”. So, after he took…a turn around the yard, we “spoke!”. Very strong barks. A quick rub, and he then dashed in his crate and…asleep.

  2. Kevin Behan says:

    That always cracks me up, yet such an important principle, the breath as an expression of power and thus resolution in the moment.

  3. Alwynne says:

    Do you have a post that explains the five core exercises? Asking for a friend!

  4. Kevin Behan says:

    thought there was one on site but working on it, thanks

  5. Christopher O'Connell says:

    Kevin – all these years later, your training/imprint still holds strong in Bodhi. A few weeks ago, I took him rock scrambling up in the Shawangunks. While I had to carry him up and over some difficult transitions, he fully trusted me and we had a blast – especially on the snow & ice sliding back down. I could swear he was laughing as hard as I was! Thank you for your years of hard work studying and training canines. By all accounts, friends, family, and acquaintances of Bodhi, he is a very special and awesome Marine Corps surfer!! …and I know you know what I mean! All my best, Chris O

  6. Kevin Behan says:

    Bohdi’s the best, love the imagery,

  7. petsfolio says:

    Hi, Kevin, thanks for posting your tips are helpful for dogs behavior to and very informative well said these tips help me to understand does my dog loves me.

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