Embodied Cognition

Next time someone you care about says you’re crazy because you suspect that the laws of nature have something to do with consciousness, with this being revealed by animals if one doesn’t project thoughts into their behavior, offer them a nice piece of warm apple pie with a soft delicate crust that yields with a satisfying crunch to a luscious sweet filling, to be washed down by a hot cup of coffee or warm cocoa just the way they like it. They might just say, “yea, that makes sense.”

I should have known that going through the stomach could end up being the key to NDT success in the marketplace.


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Published December 11, 2010 by Kevin Behan

5 responses to “Embodied Cognition”

  1. Algorab says:

    You’ve misread this article’, it is not about the ‘laws of nature

  2. kbehan says:

    I’m interpreting the findings being reported within the article. The anatomy of the physical body evolved in response to the laws of nature if I’m not mistaken, specifically and fundamentally, gravity, structural forces and the laws of motion. Please clarify your objection.

  3. Algorab says:

    It is a silly comment for 2 reasons. One is that these are not laws but observations of nature. Secondly it is rather dumb and obvious because unless there is someone claiming that it is of supernatural influence and gods, demons are involved then it offers no insights. The 20 000 000+ papers in Pubmed are about nature and so is any science paper ever published. It says nothing.

  4. j says:

    He! This happened to me the other day! Totally works!

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