Flow Solves All Problems

Adrian Bejan has just published an important article in a scholarly journal. He’s resolved the question in biology as to why large animals tend to live longer than small ones. It’s for the same reason that they are able to move more mass farther.

Thanks to Russell below is an article that explains the breakthrough sans math.


What I intend to show in my application of the Constructal law to behavior, is that just as physiology follows from physics, so too does behavior. In short, the systems by which an animal moves its physical body through time and space, are also the same systems by which an animal moves its “emotional body” through time and space. Behavior follows from physics, not biology in its current paradigm as a competition between organism within a world of limited resources by way of random gene mutations. Furthermore, our insistent focus on finding advanced cognition in an animal’s capacity to solve problems is also misdirected. The only way we can understand the animal mind is to posit everything in terms of flow. Flow solves all problems because as Bejan states, “flow is life.”


Published September 6, 2012 by Kevin Behan
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