Hormones Don’t Cause Behavior

Here’s an interesting finding reported on in the NY Times that confirms my model that where the individual finds themselves within the group dynamic, which is a function of Temperament, then alters their hormonal/biochemical processes, rather than the other way around. So hormones don’t cause the behavior, rather they support integration into the group mind.


It also confirms my reading of behavior in that that the fundamental role of male energy in nature is abject devotion to female energy, which is why testosterone instantly drops when it’s not of service to the task at hand. In other words, testosterone is not the essence of male energy, it  is the equal/opposite of female energy and assists in one trait being complementary to the other. This suggests to me that when one’s emotional capacity is at its highest so that they can integrate with the network,  the appropriate hormone is there when you need it, and not there when you don’t need it.

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Published September 16, 2011 by Kevin Behan
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8 responses to “Hormones Don’t Cause Behavior”

  1. Christine says:

    If what you say is true, and I understand you correctly, then how would you explain the hormonal shifts women experience throughout their lives? From my point-of-view/experience, hormones cause the behavior and aren’t there when needed. Just saying…

  2. kbehan says:

    Good point but then the question becomes is this indicative of modern industrialized societies more than it is of indigenous peoples that eat a traditional diet and live a lifestyle that some nutritionists and longevity experts would argue remains optimal for modern human beings. And we would also have to consider environmental toxins (as well as the environmental insult of the sterilization of the modern household ) and the heavy use of drugs for all kinds of things, not to mention drugs to control female reproductive cycle, heavy use of antibiotics, agribusiness, genetically modified organisms. And then we should factor in whether there a judgment against male and female energy in modern societies especially given that intellectualism is ascendant these days over emotion, and what we also are discovering about epigenetics wherein stress prevents the expression of genes. So while I’m far outside my area of expertise, I would like to believe that a life of creative expression, the honoring of feelings, taking care in how we live and eat, most importantly purge the judgments against emotion, the most virulent form of which is guilt, that the optimal mix of hormones appropriate to a particular stage of life would be available and facilitate a feeling of connection to one’s group in a fulfilled and healthful way. At any rate, all these variables would have to be pinned down before we could say a hormone causes anything.

  3. Christine says:

    I, too, would like to believe that “a life of creative expression, the honoring of feelings, taking care in how we live and eat, most importantly purge the judgments against emotion, the most virulent form of which is guilt, that the optimal mix of hormones appropriate to a particular stage of life would be available and facilitate a feeling of connection to one’s group in a fulfilled and healthful way.” It seems only reasonable to me that this is how our wonderful and loving creator, Jehovah, intended things to be and how things should work. Something I wonder about often is what/where is the disconnect for the human animal from the perfect state Adam and Eve were created for. I don’t believe at all that “perfection” is actually what most consider it to be and that we will be greatly surprised (astonished) by what it truly means to be perfect (I’ll have ‘perfectly’ bowed legs and be ‘perfectly’ pigeon-toed LOL). In reading the article you posted re: the effects of probiotics on the brain/mind, I couldn’t help but contemplate the possibility that the disconnect between the mind and the body might somehow be involved (the ‘switch’ so to speak, that turned off perfection) as well as our disconnection from the entire network of emotion/intelligence that animals have free access to. Just sayin…

  4. kbehan says:

    Just to repeat my goal with this website isn’t to arrive at the ultimate answer, I’m articulating how the dogs mind works, not why does the dog’s mind work this way. To go back to a point I made earlier, physicists aren’t answering why does electricity run to ground, but rather how does electricity move. So the philosophical ramifications of a network consciousness can probably be used to justify any number of positions, I’m just saying that all minds are connected by way of emotion as a universal operating system, and therefore genes can’t be the fundamental unit of information in the evolution of consciousness, and therefore behaviorism predicated on a strategy of gene replication, and consciousness solely as the net result of neurological activity, doesn’t add up. And I agree that the split between mind and body, inside and outside, emotion and intelligence, needs to be rectified and so we keep on pushing. Onward Doggie soldiers!

  5. Christine says:

    So easy to get distracted by all the intriguing things to contemplate and get off topic! LOL

  6. Cliff says:

    …and so, there’s an interesting article on menopause in this month’s Atlantic.

  7. Castor says:

    Sorry buddy, you are misreading this article. This is just evolution at work, nothing to do with energy or any of the things you’ve mentioned. I suggest you read the actual study instead of relying in second hand interpretation of a science reporter

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