So then, why do dogs roll over in play?

The latest science on why dogs roll over onto their backs in play is in (bearing in mind that it took the current models of analysis all these years to question the concept of submission, but better late than never) and what is the takeaway from this research that has generated world wide attention?

“This new study reminds that ‘rolling over,’ like many behaviors, does not have a single, universal meaning. Instead, rolling over during play is often just playful.” Julie Hecht

That’s it? Yet another loop of self-recursive logic akin to the neo-Darwinian mode of analysis (that all these years prevented scientists from seeing that dogs don’t roll over onto their backs to demonstrate respect for a superior) and which generates the logic to inform the question, What genes survive? Those that confer fitness. Which genes are fit? Those that survive. Modern behaviorism claims that they are over this now with the advent of game and emergence theory which they purport proves that selfish gene replication can generate selfless cooperation and altruism through an expanding definition of an inclusive fitness. But at every new juncture we see the original error, compounded. The takeaway from this study is another self-recursive loop: Why do dogs play? Because it’s fun. Why is it fun? Because dogs are playful.

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Published January 16, 2015 by Kevin Behan
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