The Deer Is In The Dog

Thanks to Angelique for the following video.

It demonstrates that dogs don’t play in order to practice for the hunt (what then is the deer practicing for?) but that there is a common code that orchestrates all animal consciousness and that this rather than higher cognitive capacities are the basis of the high social virtues. There is but one drive (to turn energy into information) and in understanding animal behavior in terms of a network consciousness it becomes clear that information never disappears, hence, the prey remains in the predator, and even the prey animal has a predatory aspect because the very first temperament traits are prey (absorbs and conducts emotion) and predator (reflects and projects emotion) and these comprise the temperament of every animal and are visible in every interaction. The distinction between a prey species and a predator species is their respective emotional capacities. Thus, when deer feel safe they act like dogs; and when dogs are afraid, they act like deer. In the video we can see the one fractal expression of attraction constantly elaborating upon an emotional platform of reflection and counter reflection until it arrives at a deep emotional bond.

Published January 26, 2011 by Kevin Behan
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