Constructal law and the Canine Mind

This may be the only site applying the Constructal law as articulated by Dr. Adrian Bejan in “Design In Nature” directly to the animal mind. The basic precepts are listed below.

1) Order (such as the configuration of an animal’s mind) arises around a current.

2) Order evolves by improving the flow of the current.

3) Resistance to flow is that which is improved in evolution.

4) Flow is improved when objects of resistance are imported into the configuration to ease access to flow.

5) Therefore, in order for animals to evolve, objects of resistance must be imported into their minds so that flow can be improved.

a) In order to apprehend resistance, animals must first apprehend flow.

b) To experience flow, the mind must be configured as a state of attraction.

{This can also be articulated as the principle of emotional conductivity. Emotion, just like every other current, moves as a force of attraction and incorporates objects of resistance into improvements of flow as complex states of mind. E–>UE–>RE In other words, emotion as attraction meets with resistance and forms unresolved emotion, which is carried by the animal as an emotional charge, or stress. When objects of resistance are connected and then synchronized with, stress becomes resolved emotion, what we otherwise recognize as joy, trust and love.}

Published August 11, 2012 by Kevin Behan

One response to “Constructal law and the Canine Mind”

  1. Sundog Fitz says:

    I have begun reading Bejan and the thing that I keep bumping up against is the concept of time and how it relates to Constructal law and dogs specifically. Kevin, you have said that dogs don’t have any concept of time or time’s resulting logic.

    Reading Bejan he states that Constructal law “offers scientific confirmation of our intuition that there is a direction in time to the evolution of all around us, a purpose, a direction toward flow performance in all that goes on around us.”

    We speak in terms of the dog seeking flow, going towards flow and those are time directions too, so since dogs are flow sensors wouldn’t they have some notion of the direction of time?

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