NDT T-shirt Line!

The Natural Dog Training T-Shirt Line is Here!

For those of you who have worked personally with Kevin, you know that there are certain expressions in the NDT land that just hit home. “Be the Moose”, “Thinking is the Box”, “If you ARE the charge, you are IN charge” and many others. Natural Dog Training is happy to announce that we now have a T-Shirt line depicting these fun, truthful and meaningful catch phrases of the NDT method.  More than just pieces of clothing, these new t-shirts are just one of the ways in which we hope to bring the ideas behind them to the mainstream.

Support Natural Dog Training by getting your t-shirt today! Or order them for someone you know as a Christmas gift! Women’s and men’s sizes are available in a range of colors, and more t-shirts are in the works! Sizes run relatively true to form (perhaps on the smaller side). We’d also love to hear your feedback, so please let us know what you think.

Keep on Pushing!
-The NDT Team

Click here to browse the t-shirts available!

Or, whenever you’re at the site, check at the top of any page for the “Store” link!

Published December 2, 2009 by Kevin Behan
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