October 23 – 25 Seminar: Journey to the Heart of the Dog

Journey to the Heart of the Dog Natural Dog Training Seminar

Journey to the Heart of the Dog Natural Dog Training Seminar

The connection between dogs and human beings is far more profound than ever imagined. The only animal to integrate themselves into every aspect of human existence, dogs know us “by heart.” Learn what bonds humans and dogs and each dog to its owner. Thinking is what separates our two species; feelings are what we have in common.

Explore why dogs do what they do, why we think about them the way we do, and how to understand a dog by learning to see “by feel”.

Traditionally the idea of heart has been a romantic notion, a wonderful sentiment, an apt metaphor, but dogs are here to show us that heart is tangible, material, and down to earth. It is a faculty of intelligence by which animals adapt to their surroundings and by which emotional energy is communicated from individual to individual, even across the species divide. The most amazing example of this is the dog-human emotional bond.

This is not a workshop about obedience. Before you set out to train a dog, you need to know how a dog’s energy works. You can establish amazing rapport once you learn how to work with his or her energy, instead of fighting against it.

Much of the time we will be outside observing dogs in nature and exploring Kevin’s way of knowing dogs. There is only room for a limited number of dogs, so you are welcome without your dog. Or if you’re thinking about getting a dog, come to this retreat first. If two people come together, they each get a 10% discount. Even if your dog stays home, you and your dog will be glad you came. Dogs want to be understood.

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Published October 4, 2009 by Kevin Behan
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