Angelique Lee


Angelique Lee
Dog Trainer
Pittsfield, VT
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My experience with Kevin and his Natural Dog Training method has been groundbreaking, influencing the work I am able to do with animals. He is an asset to the dog training community and dog owners worldwide.

I have specifically chosen Kevin’s methods to work with a young rescue dog with aggression. His progress has been exceptional, and an intelligent, engaging dog that was slated for death in a shelter, is now a valued, loving and loved member of our family.

I can’t imagine having this level of success with this animal without Kevin’s method of Natural Dog Training. It has allowed me to interact with my dog reaching his deepest feelings and helping him resolve them in a manner that is safe for him, and the people he interacts with daily. His future is bright indeed, and I owe this to Kevin.

Published June 1, 2009 by Kevin Behan

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