Antje Hebel

Antje Hebel – German Dog Trainer and Book Author, apprenticed with Kevin

I work since 1982 with dogs and their owners. In all that years, training many dogs, I always had questions about aggressive dogs. I was always looking for an answer how to rehabilitate them, and give them their live back.

But no Dog Behavior College, no dog training seminar or dog trainer could ever answer my questions…
During the last 30 years I worked with many dog trainers, and used many dog training methods, but I never saw so happy (problem)-dogs as I saw in Newfane in Kevin’s camp! Each dog there had heavy behavior issues, but they all were attracted to Kevin. I could see and feel how much they trust him and how happy they joined their training schedule and behavior exercises. Kevin had a magnetic influence to their broken souls and defeated emotions.

After few weeks working with Kevin Behan, I started to use the methods of Natural Dog Training on my own dog training program.
Now I know there is NO better way to train a dog! No dog sport, obedience training, agility or clicker training can give a dog what he really needs by nature to fulfill his drives and emotions.Natural dog training has the answer. Thank you Kevin!

Published October 4, 2012 by Kevin Behan

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