Sang Koh

Sang Koh and Roxy

Kevin is an anomaly. A rare mix of forthright honesty, quiet strength, and deep contemplation. The type of person few of us ever have the privilege to run across in our lives. I came to him to help me with my aggressive dog. And I left with a better understanding of not just them, but myself as well. He is a rare voice of reason amidst all the noise, static and confusion of not just the dog training population, but the world in general.

The time my dogs and I were able to spend with him was a true gift. Not only has he helped my dogs get back in touch with their own confidence and power, allowing them to be calmer and happier, – he helped me do the same. Kevin doesn’t “fix” problems and behaviors. He re-establishes the connection and trust between dog and human. And through that reconnection, he opens the gateway to allowing our dogs to be the best thing they can be. Themselves.

Published September 13, 2009 by Kevin Behan

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