Quantum Canine Episode 1 Part II

Kevin and Trisha continue their discussion from the Quantum Canine Episode 1 Part 1. In this section, hear more about participants’ experiences at the Rowe seminar, as well as Kevin’s interpretation on what their dogs are really expressing. This clip also features Kevin conducting the groundbreaking Pushing Technique, and provides video examples for such terms as ‘avoidance behavior’ and ‘the path of least resistance’.

Clients and readers have also mentioned that they have trouble with the Pushing Technique because their dog doesn’t seem to have enough energy for the exercise, or simply seems disinterested. We encourage you to watch this clip in particular, as you can see an example of a dog with such a temperament, and Kevin explains what is really going on with this behavior. To watch Kevin conducting the same type of exercise with a dog with a much different temperament, click here, and see if you can spot any similarities between the two.

Published July 29, 2009 by Kevin Behan
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