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I had a very enjoyable interview with Justin and Kate from Extreme Health Radio, the link is below. The green play button is toward the top of the page:

Published March 21, 2014 by Kevin Behan

6 responses to “Radio Interview”

  1. Julie Forlizzo says:

    Such a good interview, Kevin. You’ve worked so hard for so many years to learn all that you know, and I’m so happy that people are starting to listen. So much is becoming clearer to me each day. Not a day goes by that I don’t study your books and watch your youtube videos. It’s a slow process for me, but I’m getting there. Looking so forward to the Orlando seminar in April. Thanks for all you do, Kevin!!

  2. Justin says:

    Julie I agree. Kevin is doing such great work and we love the work he’s doing! Kevin let’s keep in touch and do it again when your new books come out. Love all you do. 🙂


  3. Julie Forlizzo says:

    Justin, please let us all know how Maggie does with her barking issue. Interesting approach to rehabilitating the barking problem.

  4. Jamey Smythe says:

    Even though I read your first book and part of your second. several points became clearer through this interview. Some of the language that you use is now more clear to me. Your whole approach is beautiful and mind blowing at the same time. I had to really relax and let it flow in to my being. I am slowly incorporating it into my training and I see nice changes in my relationship with my dog.

    Thanks for sticking with your observations and following the contradictions in the dominance model.


  5. Carol Speier says:

    Listening to the interview was very beneficial. I agree with Jamey, several things I had read became more clear. I am so excited about NDT…and yet I am concerned. I have been exposed to the other methods for so long, though with great discomfort, I fear that I will revert to prior behavior in a stress situation.

    Although, our dogs seem to be happier, as a result of the small changes I have made in how I feel and respond to some things. (Like the neighbors dog that barks and gets loose a lot.)

  6. Kevin Behan says:

    Don’t worry. All must struggle against the fear instincts, so you’re in good company. The challenge is to perceive the flow at the root of it all. Keep On Pushing!!

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