Kevin Behan Radio Interview on Word of Mouth, NHPR

A big thank you to Virginia Prescott and the Word of Mouth program for a great show on Thursday, February 24th. During the interview, Kevin talks a bit more about the owner and her dog that was introduced in the preface of his new book, Your Dog Is Your Mirror. He also addresses some great questions about his method and training techniques, such as, how the model applies to a family dynamic, and what to expect when adopting a shelter dog. Please take a listen, and feel free to post your comments below.

Follow the link below to listen to Kevin Behan talk about his new book Your Dog Is Your Mirror!
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Length: (10:30)


“I like to use the example of gravity. There is no human gravity, or rabbit gravity, or dog gravity. There is only one gravity. Like there is only one emotion. Everything functions as a force of attraction.” – Kevin Behan

Published February 24, 2011 by Kevin Behan
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