Listen to the Q&A with Neil Sattin, Kevin Behan and Your Questions!

Neil Sattin of the Natural Dog Blog recently hosted a conference call with Kevin Behan. As he had mentioned in an earlier interview, he wanted to provide owners with the opportunity to speak directly with Kevin to get their most important questions answered. Below is an excerpt from Neil’s site about the conference:

“We had some great questions from callers all over the country, and I thought you would appreciate being able to hear the results. On this call, we cover questions such as:

Click here for the link to the interview!

Neil has also compiled a helpful list of videos and article that were mentioned during this call, which you can also access by clicking the link above. Finally, be sure to head over to the Forum on Natural Dog Blog, where owners and followers of the Natural Dog Training method gather to discuss progress with their pets, questions about the training, and other general commentary.

Keep on Pushing!

Published May 8, 2010 by Kevin Behan
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