Dogs Decoded

Thanks to Chris Duncan for highlighting this film. I have to say it’s a stunning confirmation of NDT view of dog nature, domestication and emotional rapport. 1) Relationship between man and dog much older than previously thought and traces to Gray Wolf. 2) The hunting relationship most likely scenario for inter-species entanglement. Furthermore this means that the group that forms in the hunt is what enables the social life, even between separate species, not the other way around. 3) The emotional dynamic (universal to all animals but most pronounced in canines and humans) is key to our inter-species communication. Dogs and humans are the most networked enabled, (and this will prove a better explanation for the phenomenon of personality and sexuality). 4) With eye tracking technology researchers discovered that dogs focus on eyes (in particular left) for emotional context. Translation: the “negative (eyes) equals access to the positive (prey).”  So while focusing on the eyes opens the portal, however the next and more important emotional read out comes from sense of smell because this bypasses higher centers of nervous system and reveals more subtle nuances of underlying emotional conductivity, the particulars within the context. 5) The domestication of the dog most likely facilitated domestication of other animals and even agriculture, thus, dogs are central to making humans human. In short, the human animal will not prove to be the ape, but the domesticated dog. Therefore, the domesticated dog is not a tame wolf, it’s the wildest part of the wolf (the universal emotional dynamic) MAGNIFIED, each breed an amplification of a specific “frequency” of the overall “broad band spectrum.”

Published January 20, 2011 by Kevin Behan
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  1. Crystal says:

    I really enjoyed these vids too. Interesting theory about dogs and humans developing together from “The Tiger” by Vaillant. I can’t remember who he was quoting but the theory is that wolves were actually the great hunters and that humans would often feast on the wolves kill and vice versa. Must look up the scientist who said this.

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