More Evidence of Physical Memory

The body does more than carry the head around.

Also note in the article below, the bee in its relationship to the flower is described as a tuning fork, so that its body resonates with the shape of the flower and accelerates it so as to vibrate and release its essence, i.e. pollen.

The body is how an organism constructs a view of its reality. The body formats sensory inputs, tunes the organism into forces of nature which are embodied as the forms of things, and is also the anchor for the deepest kind of memory, physical memory, a cellular record held in the body and which is composed from the resistance experienced in the expression of emotion. In this way the forms of things are internalized as energy, emotion.

Physical memory tunes the organism to the vibratory essence of those things that are emotionally relevant to its evolutionary niche. Therefore if we want to tune our dog to our view of reality, we must access and release its physical memories so that they flow more smoothly. Recalibrating the emotional affects of physical memory (by triggering and then running them through the core exercises) is how one changes a dog’s mind. All dog training, no matter its methodology ultimately works this way, rather than according to instinct (pack leader) or reinforcements (operant conditioning). This basic truth about the animal mind is what Pavlov actually discovered.


Published July 12, 2013 by Kevin Behan
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