Natural Dog Training at Battleground, Indiana in August

August 22 – 25, 2013

Join Kevin Behan in Battleground, Indiana for four days of exciting training and exposure to the Natural Dog Training theory and techniques. This is a special conference for people affiliated with Natural Dog Training and members of the Indiana Crisis Response Team. From Thursday August 22nd, to Sunday, August 25th, there will be a host of activities at this exciting location, featuring lectures focused on the Natural Dog Training method and the evolution of wolf to domesticated dog. There will be the opportunity for individual training sessions with Kevin and your dog. Also meet other members of the NDT community, including Scott Hamilton of Indiana Natural Dog, Sang Koh, author of Honor the Dog blog (and creator of the above poster), and members of the Indiana K-9 Crisis Response team.

The cost for the conference is $350.00 per person, which includes access to the Opening Reception, lecture and activities, and the Prophetstown NDT program.

For registration information and instructions,
click here to download the form.

Please contact Dr. Thompson at with any additional questions! 


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Published February 24, 2013 by Kevin Behan
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3 responses to “Natural Dog Training at Battleground, Indiana in August”

  1. […] I will end this blog post with a call to the dog world: Kevin Behan at Barttleground, Indiana in August 2013 is a huge deal! This is a dream come true for Kevin and certainly a dream come true for us NDT followers. I cannot put in to words the depth of this opportunity to come to Indiana to experience a multitude of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. If you can make this journey you won’t regret it. Check out this link to get all the details and sign up: […]

  2. john says:

    i will through hell or high water to get there, saving the shillings for the vist.

  3. kbehan says:

    Appreciate that John, looking forward to meeting you.

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