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I began my career in dogs asking what makes one breed of dog different from another, what makes one individual dog different from another, what makes one situation different from another? Others in dogdom were asking the same questions and the answers that came back were framed in such terms as territoriality, possessiveness, this or that intention, instincts, this drive or that drive, fitness, survival, etc., etc.. But it turns out that these are the wrong questions. They’re not bad questions, but they’re jumping too far ahead. It’s like trying to understand electromagnetism before coming to grips with the universal laws of gravitation and motion. In this misdirected vein we constantly hear that every dog is different. Yes, but uniqueness is itself a function, paradoxically, of a common universality. Thus, I believe I arrived at more meaningful answers when I started asking, what do all breeds have in common, how are all dogs alike, how are all situations the same? The answers to these questions are the basis of my presentations and which I will be exploring in both theory and practice at the NDT Conference this October. There is but one motive that drives each and every dog, one motive that informs each and every action. Become your dog’s “Motive.” Please see link below and join us in a meaningful conversation and exposition on the nature of dogs.


Published September 5, 2015 by Kevin Behan
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