New Seminar Launches with NDT West

Natural Dog Training Seminar in Portland Oregon

Join us September 27 – October 1st

Cornelius, Oregon

NDT is proud to head to the west coast this September for an event organized by the NDT West group. Set on a private farm an hour from downtown Portland, this conference will consist of two sessions: an introduction of the Natural Dog Training theory and techniques for beginners, followed by discussion and practice of the advanced NDT techniques. Attendees can participate in one or both sessions.

For more information, including pricing and contact information, please visit

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A big thank you to our friends of NDT West! Keep on Pushing.


Published July 17, 2014 by Kevin Behan
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3 responses to “New Seminar Launches with NDT West”

  1. Julie Forlizzo says:

    I’d like to post this on my FB, but I don’t know how to. It came through my email. Any suggestions how to get it over to FB?

  2. Sundog Fitz says:

    Did you go to the website? There is a Facebook event page link there.

  3. Julie Forlizzo says:

    Got it. Thanks Sundog!

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