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The Unknown Scientist: “I get the feeling that he doesn’t even read the articles he links to. Did he miss this?”

“Once flowers hide away their pollen this way, natural selection favors bees that can give the flowers a harder shake. The harder the bees shake, Dr. Vallejo-Marín and his colleagues have found, the more food they can bring home.”

There is no need to posit emotional transference to a flower. It’s just evolution, or if you prefer co-evolution. Common to many quacks, Behan’s explanation involves “energy.”

KB: When bees move their bodies they vibrate. They buzz. These sound waves are energy. The vibration of their bodies produces food (energy). All plant and animal behavior is a vibration about an “essence,” i.e. potential energy. The body and the behavior of the bee is tuned to the anatomy of the plant, the anatomy and the behavior of the plant is tuned to the earth, the moon and the sun. The momentum and vibrations of the earth, the moon and the sun determine the behavior (vibration) of all life on earth because they posit potential energy. The vibration of the bee transmits potential energy into the future, pollen, a flower that is going to be for a bee that is yet to be. The only connecting thread in this “being netted” is the flow of energy transmuting from one form to another.

This is a simple statement about a physical, down-to-earth phenomenon, energy, and this vibration about an essence can be seen as a universal operating system of animal consciousness, emotion. Emotion attracts the organism to the potential energy it requires to evolve. Emotion is the physical embodiment of essence.


Published July 26, 2013 by Kevin Behan
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