See Spot Run, and next ………? See Spot Bite

Spot is looking good and moving right along, congratulations are in order, and yet the designers of this doggy robot aren’t concerned about this robot’s ability to outcompete other robots so that it can survive and reproduce, those are problems #100,001 and #100,002 in the evolution of a doggy robot. They are concerned solely with its capacity to project force into its surroundings and to absorb and resist the forces that are projected onto it. These are problems #1 and #2 in the evolution of a doggy robot. Could it be any different in the evolution of living animals?
The Constructal Law teaches us that there is only one kind of evolution, an optimizing of the capacity to move mass and energy farther and faster, an amplification of the capacity to project and to absorb force. This is also what my reading of animal behavior through an immediate-moment manner of analysis indicates as well. Furthermore, the epicenter of this doggy robot’s mind is resolutely fixated on its center of gravity. That is how it is perceiving and interpreting the nature of what is happening to it.
Interestingly, if in Spot’s wiring a return to equilibrium were coupled to its balance circuitry by way of an oral urge, i.e. “grounding;” then we’d observe a very complex auto-tuning social impulse spontaneously emerging in Spot’s behavior because its capacity to project and absorb force by coupling with others would be infinitely expanded, and, I don’t know about you, but for all us doggy robot lovers out there, there’d be a whole lot less doggy robot kicking going on.

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Published March 7, 2015 by Kevin Behan
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