Kevin asks the question, what is the nature of the dog?

“What is the nature of the dog?” Is the dog and our understanding of nature all figured out? Natural Dog Training believes that something profound is missing from the current training models and explains its mission in the video below.
Published September 30, 2009 by Kevin Behan
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2 responses to “Kevin asks the question, what is the nature of the dog?”

  1. Dog’s are individuals. One of our failings as Humans is our obsession with classifying and reducing other individuals into easily conceptualized catogories. The models we use as mental shorthand inhibit our ability to see what is in front of us and live in the moment. While this same mental ability assists us to build machines and buildings and even the infrastructure of entire companies or armies – it does NOT do us much good when dealing with matters of the heart. Animals are ALL about emotions and sensations and Humans fear both. But since we Humans have cut ourselves off from sensation and emotions, we need the dog to remind us and connect us to this vital but absent dimension to our own being. As long as we insist upon ignoring our own essential nature we will continue to be perplexed by other creatures who are true to their emotions and live in the moment of sensation and being.

  2. kbehan says:

    Very well said. I’m promulgating a model wherein dogs, and animals, live completely in the immediate-moment, even instincts notwithstanding. This means therefore, that for a dog a moment is forever. And this means that they cannot think because to be wholly in the immediate-moment means that a moment is forever and therefore, it would be impossible to have any idea why, how or when something happens. With thoughts removed from our observations, this means that therefore dogs go by energy, in other words, emotion and feelings are energy and as such these work according to a non-linear logic of which we can have a glimpse if we strip thoughts away from what we project onto their behavior. We instinctively project thoughts because as you’ve noted, we are reflexively afraid of what our intellectual minds cannot control.

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