Pushing with a Pit Bull

Short clip showing Kevin Behan working with a Pit Bull and conducting the Pushing Exercise.

Published August 1, 2009 by Kevin Behan
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4 responses to “Pushing with a Pit Bull”

  1. Sylvia Spain says:

    Hi Kevin!

    Hey, that’s my dog, Minky the extreme food motivated pit bull @ the NDT seminar @ the Orvis center in Manchester VT a couple summers ago.
    As you can see, this dog is all muscles – and boy is he attracted to Kevin B! Mink is a super social, happy dog and lately we have been doing a lot of work using long leash and off leash at the farm, working on recall and maintaining a strong bond across distance.

    Every famous trainer needs at least one pitbull in the crew, (I saw that even Ian Dunbar is hanging out with a big Blue pit, ha)
    so if you ever want to borrow the Minkster again, Kevin, he would LOVE to see ya.

  2. kbehan says:

    A hungry dog is a happy dog. Keep on Pushing Minky!

  3. Alec says:

    In this video you move away as the dog tries to jump up not allowing him to make contact. Are you trying to increase his drive, trying to make him wait for you to call him, or something else?

  4. kbehan says:

    Before this Minky established a very strong push and in this sequence, Minky has so much energy that he’s finding it hard to focus so I’m allowing him to learn he’s wasting energy by being so hectic, by loading up and then unloading in a big pulse. I’m also allowing him to learn to focus on his gut-brain so as to collect himself and start to study my body movements with discrimination to know when he should exert himself. This collected focus will allow him to learn how to align with me and walk calmly next to me, even when energized.

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